White sandy coastal beaches cover much of the southern Maine. With over 7 miles of sandy beaches, Wells is the perfect costal community. Our beaches are busy with people building sandcastles, body surfing, seashell searching and simply relaxing in the sun. In the evening, listen to the ocean surf crashing on the shore provides a peaceful backdrop for a romantic stroll.

May we suggest exploring Maine’s most prized beaches!
Wells Beach area, Ogunquit, Kennebunks are all within a few minutes’ drive from Water Crest Cottages. Getting there can be half the fun. Travel through costal estuaries, down country roads as you make your way to the perfect beach spot.

The  owners of Water Crest Cottages invite you to take in the salty air of the Wells Maine beach community. Just up the road enjoy your perfect day of fun in the sun. With each morning’s beach walk you will discover not only the seashells the washed up the night before, but you will discover a peaceful life experience.